Notice and Takedown

Article(s) containing unlawful expressions on NewsXS B.V.'s servers

Note: all blank fields with an * are obligatory. The notice will only be dealt with if it has been correctly completed and contains, in any case, all obligatory data.

Indemnification and conditions:
By completing this Notification Form and ticking the box below the notifier and, if applicable, the right-holder represented by that notifier, indemnify NewsXS B.V. ("Company") and its affiliated companies for all damage and costs which Company or its affiliated companies suffer as a consequence of the dealing or complying with the notice and agree to the applicability of the Conditions Notice Unlawful Expressions.

I agree

1. Contact details

a) Contact details notifier

Name: *

Address: *

E-mail address: *

Telephone number: *

b) if applicable, contact details of the right-holder represented by notifier including a copy of power of attorney to that effect:

Name: *

Address: *

E-mail address: *

Telephone number: *

Attach a recently signed document from which it clearly follows that notifier has been granted a valid power of attorney to represent the right-holder in enforcing its rights relating to the (allegedly) unlawful expression subject of this notice and in which it is explicitly indicated to which (parts of) territories this power of attorney applies, signed by right-holder: *

2. Location of (allegedly) unlawful expression

Exact location of the article(s) containing the (allegedly) unlawful expression.

Newsgroup: *

Posting date: *

MessageID(s): *

To ensure that Company can deal with the notices in a workable and efficient manner, one single Notification Form should be used to notify Company about all articles relating to one (allegedly) unlawful expression. Further, a Notification Form cannot be used to file multiple notices relating to different expressions; for each separate (allegedly) unlawful expression, a separate Notification Form should be used.

By ticking the box below, you confirm that you have duly verified that the article(s) listed in this section 2 is (are all) accessible through Company's servers at the date of filing this Notification Form. *

3. Contact details end-user that has posted the article(s) containing the (allegedly) unlawful expression



E-mail address:

4. Type of unlawful expression

Your notice relates to: *
child pornography
defamation, reputational damage
infringement of intellectual property rights:
     trademark rights
     patent rights
infringement of another intellectual property right:
other forms of unfair competition, or infringement of another right:
disruption of communications (mail bombs, viruses, worms, etc.)
offence. Penal Code, Section

Description of the (allegedly) unlawful expression: *

5. Reason unlawfulness

Give a detailed description why you think that the expresion in the article(s) concerned is infringing / unacceptable / unlawful / a criminal act: *

Towards whom is this expression infringing / unacceptable / unlawful / a criminal act?

Name: *

Address: *

6. Evidence of unlawful expression
The applicant attaches the following evidence, by means of which the unlawfulness or infringement is proven: *

In case of infringement of intellectual property rights: Evidence of the existence of the intellectual property right in all territories enforcement is sought for under this notice and of the fact that the notifier or - if applicable - the right-holder mentioned under point (1.b) of this Notification Form is the right-holder with regard to the intellectual property rights concerned:

7. Pending proceedings

Are legal proceedings pending regarding this matter? * If so, before which judicial authority and in which phase are these proceedings?

Which parties are involved in these legal proceedings?

Has a judgment been rendered in the proceedings?

If so, please attach a copy of the judgment to this notification form.

If not, has a date for judgment been set, and, if so, what is the date?

8. Contact end-user

Have you contacted the relevant end-user that has posted the article(s) containing the (allegedly) unlawful expression? *

If so, please provide a short description of the response *

If not, can you describe in a few words why you have not contacted this end-user? *

9. Miscellaneous
Other circumstances you deem of importance for your notice:

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