Notice and Takedown Policy

Notice-and-Takedown policy of NewsXS

Usenet is a world-wide distributed internet discussion system that allows anyone to read and post public messages to one or more categories, known as newsgroups. The servers operated by NewsXS and other Usenet operators serve as purely passive technical means in order to provide access to the global Usenet. NewsXS nor any other operators have any influence or control over what people post. We cannot and do not screen posted materials beforehand. While NewsXS values the freedom provided by the internet and Usenet in particular, we recognize that the service can be abused and that materials may appear on Usenet in violation of applicable law. NewsXS recognizes its responsibilities in this regard and has set up this Notice-and-Takedown (NTD) policy to handle requests to remove objectionable material. We will respond to any requests for removal submitted through our Notice-and-Takedown form as soon as reasonably possible. Each request will be assessed in accordance with applicable law. While each request is handled on its individual merits, our general policies with regards to different types of complaints are as follows:


Requests from copyright holders to remove materials distributed without their authorization will be removed as soon as possible, unless the materials that were the reason for your take down request only contain quotes or other fragments or on their face are covered by an exception to copyright law.


Materials that contain evident forms of libel, slander or defamation will be removed. Note however that what constitutes “evident” libel, slander or defamation requires a case-by-case analysis.

Privacy violation

Materials that clearly violate your privacy will be removed. Such materials include copies of identification materials (passport, driver’s license, ID card) or personal information distributed with the intent to cause harm.

Racism/hate speech/child porn

Materials that contain clear cases of racism, discrimination against groups, anti-Semitism or other illegal forms of hate speech will be removed. The same applies to any form of erotic or pornographic depictions of persons that appear to be under eighteen years, including virtual depictions (e.g. rendered images with lifelike depictions of persons).


Materials that contain malicious software (such as viruses or Trojans), attempt to trick readers into providing bank or payment information or that contain unsolicited commercial messages will be removed.

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